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Education System of Sindh

Education system of Sindh Province Pakistan.

The first aspect of development of any country is education.  Today, whatever modern, scientific, developmental, and educational catastrophe countries are accessing the world individually.  They come from America, England, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, China, South Korea, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries around the world.  These countries only prioritized education like jewelry and brought new improvements in the quality of education to everyone in their country regardless of their primary, middle or higher level, these countries give their people quality education for free.  Are giving  All these countries are setting these destinations for development.  Which you cannot imagine sitting here in this country, will put a glance at our educational institutions and their educational standards.  So that our country in the world is a few feet away from these development and education countries of the world, and whether it be dictatorial government in Pakistan or the government of the blind market, it has never been their first priority education.  And yet we spoke of the province of Sindh that it lags behind in terms of education from all the provinces of the country.  That is what happens and what is happening to us.  There is no need for us to sit in an experiment to understand the extent of this question.  The point is clear and clear.  The education of Sindh has been extensively destroyed and destroyed.  The devout and marginalized people in Sindh do not want to provide education facilities to the needy and the poor in their own areas.  There is no such thing as suffering anymore.  Countries across the globe have educated their own people and mixed them up.  There they are equipped with modern science education for their people.  And their people are making progress in every sector of the world through education.  And the powers that be in our power are cleansed of our minds over the teachings of God.  Their purpose is clear.  The people of Sindh should be kept out of education.  Because education will bring awareness to people and this consciousness will speak to them about their rights, ask them about basic facilities.  Knowledge of the corruption-driven development initiatives will keep the world in the forefront.  Will try to solve his own problems, not the tribal chiefs.  These people of Sindh scattered in the class system speak of equality which will not digest these so-called powerful elements.  Nor will he do anything to open up our education system in Sindh.  And the people of Sindh received the standard education which is being received in the development and education countries.                               

تعلیم سے کیا مراد ہے ? بچوں کو بھتر تعلیم کیسے دی جا سکتی ہے.

Education system of Sindh

Sindh Rural and Urban education

 Sindh’s population is 100% rural and forty-four percent of the population of the city is far less accessible to education than rural areas of Sindh.  There is no such facility that is offered in very few cities.  Look at any school building that will have creeks and slopes in place due to poor material.  There is no concept of boundary.  Drinking water will be unavailable.  There is no electrical connection at all.  And teaching a teacher in a one-room school from first to fifth, which is not practiced anywhere in the world, and does not meet the standard of education in any corner of the world.  The highest quality education country in the world, Finland, which sets up fifteen to fourteen students per teacher, but here we have no limit in Sindh.  There is a limit set by anybody but who will implement it.  Where there is a great shortage of teachers, then a teacher is also teaching fifty students.  But then again the question arises as to how a teacher will provide quality education to fifty students in a way that our students will cope with the world’s students.  Which is impossible.  And then the burden of running the boat of education only on the teacher community will be enough to repel the requirements of justice.  Who stays in the budget of billions of rupees every year for these stories is hidden.  Does anybody know this?  Where is this billion-dollar budget being lost, and being held in one’s account, all these stories are on the record.  But who will get addicted to the backs of these crocodiles?  And who will make the most of their paid education budget?  The same must be done to the Sindh Government, which seems to be far off. Now in such an environment which is being tethered to the education of Sindh.  It turns out that some hideously powerful women and no other visible mercenary class are wanted.  The quality of education of Sindh is on the road to improvement and Sindh development is in the saddle with the world.  But the proletariat wants only to get deeper into the problems of Sindh then it must be black.  Must be slaughtered.  Have a fatal disease like corruption.  Their purpose is simply to spread these social broadcasts.  The question now arises as to who will come forward to generalize the jewelry like education in Sindh and to equip its educational standard with the world’s educational standard.  With which the life of an ordinary person will improve and become conscious and Sindh is on the verge of development.  We can only think of a range of dreams, ideas and concepts.  Although the appearance and implementation of practical jargon may not even be seen by our species in the near future.

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