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Emotional Motivational Lesson

Emotional motivational lesson:-

Emotional motivational lesson

Earth , Education, * Remember the bad times in the good times .  * Service to others is the * Rent you pay  for your * Room * here on Earth  .  * She would get up at this time of night and cry.  On the day of Afaqa, it was as if the form of torment had descended on her little children. * The days were changing into weeks.  ۔  * Involuntarily forced by hunger at dawn, he knocked on the doorstep of this dervishes and told his story and told the respondent. *  I am giving a gift. Go and keep it in the precious box of your house.  God will help the unseen.  Inshallah, your husband will not be left empty handed. The children will not go to bed hungry Taking the talisman given by Sufi Sahib, the woman walked briskly and when she reached home she breathed a sigh of relief and kept it in her personal box as per the instructions.  The next day, someone threw a bag full of money into the woman’s yard. * With this money, the woman’s husband rented a shop and started his own business.  * Now slowly the business began to prosper and the shops grew. * The business and the money began to flow.  It was not empty.  * Now every hundred joys seemed to be smiling. * One day when the old story was told, the woman remembered that mystic and amulet.  Change the day. Revenge sorrow into joy. Revenge tears into smile. Revenge old age into ease. Know what Sufi Sahib wrote in it? ”  “* When the money runs out, instead of hiding all the money in the vault, put it in some houses where children cry at night.” * Tell this story, this myth in our lives  Nowhere does it appear on some stage. * When we are compelled, we think about how numb the world has become.  Nowadays there is no benefit of goodness. Or they do good deeds by weighing it. We will do good only to those who do good to us. Or we have taken the contract of all time.  Sentences  There are those who do not allow us to walk in the path of righteousness.  The path of goodness is undoubtedly difficult. In this path, such small phrases become obstacles like a big mountain which numbs man.  Take care of others in your prosperous days.  Give comfort to troubled homes in the days of ease.  * Keep the words of the Holy Prophet in front of you Zeeshan *.  * The best among people is the one who benefits people. * Share facilities.  Share happiness  * It does not take long for time to change *. God who changes night into day sometimes tests by giving and sometimes by taking.  * Sometimes he listens to the ears, sometimes he meets one of his hungry and thirsty servants, then he sees how much he who has been blessed by me loves my creatures because Allah loves his creatures very much.  To those who give water.  To those who spread smiles.  * To the benefactors *.  Good advice.  * To those who weigh equally. * To those who visit the patient.  * To those who attend funerals. * To those who forgive sins.  * To those who give awareness of virtues *.  To those who teach a word to anyone.  * Forgives.  Therefore, in your good times, make an account of your good deeds with Allah, so that you may be blessed in the days to come.  Wherever I am and wherever I am. 

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