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English Lesson Plan

English Lesson Plan

Topic : writing sick leave

General objectives:

At the end of this lesson students would be able to:

1.Write down the application of sick leave.

2.Determine the steps of the application.

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Specific objectives:

At the end of this lesson students would be able to:

1.learn the writing skills of the application.

2. Practices in writing the application on notebook .

3.know format of writing sick leave.

4.remember terms related to application..

Teaching method:

Lecture cum-inductive / deductive method.

AV aids:

text book, charts, chalk, duster, black board.

Previous knowledge:

in order to check previous knowledge of students, teacher will ask questions such as,

1.Ask for the spelling mistake skills. 2.practice of writing application in class activity.

Announcing the topic :

Dear students, Today we are going to learn about “writing sick leave”.

Presentation: Application for sick leave To, Head master, School xyz District xyz Sir, Respectfully I beg to say that I am a student of class VII. I have been suffering from fever since yesterday. My doctor has advised me rest for two days. So I cannot attend the school. Kindly grant me leave from 24-08-2021 to 25-08- 2021 . I shall be very grateful to you. Thanking you, Your obediently,.

Summative evaluation:

Write down the all steps for writing sick leave Homework: Write two day application for attending marriage ceremony of your brother

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