How to teach writing process to children at different stages

How to teach writing process to children at different stages

How to teach writing process to children at different stages

 The Process of Writing

We know that writing is not a natural process in the same way as speech Everyone acquired his mother tongue naturally and not need to be taught in a formal way. Most of us learnt our mother tongue without instruction at home or elsewhere, but how many of us can write it? If you look around you will find many adult speakers who never learnt to write their mother tongue the difference between speech and writing are too big to be ignored.

We also know that all language processes are connected i.e. reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking. Each language process enhances students’ ability to use the others. As teacher, we all too often make writing an unnecessarily difficult task for our students. We assume that if they can write grammatically correct sentence, they should also be able write well-organized texts.

Writing involves mechanical and mental process side by side. The mechanical process refers to orthography (drawing letters), knowledge of spelling and punctuation used in language. Mental process includes an adequate knowledge of language grammar, vocabulary and usage. The writing process is taught in the following steps.

1.Elementary Level

Children are first taught the mechanics of writing, i.e. writing as a physical activity through which they get to learn the characteristics of good handwriting including control over hand muscles. At this level, they are taught how to hold the paper in the right position, how to hold the pencil and how to form individual letters in correct shapes. The students at the elementary level also need to learn:- leaving a margin;

Leaving equal space between letters of a work;

Writing all letters with the same angle: leaving equal space between words;

Writing in a straight line:

Using capital letters and small letters at appropriate places.

2. Secondary Level

In the beginning, students are taught how to write a series of grammatically correct sentences. As a rule, however, we do not write just one sentence or even a number of unrelated sentences. We produce a sequence of sentences arranged in a particular order and linked together in certain ways to form a coherent whole. At the ondary level, students should be taught communicative writing, i.e. construction grammatically correct sentences which convey a meaning to the reader. In such writing, students develop the habit of logical and correct expression.

Ng is a skill which the Lemer should ideality acquire in stage. We may it to learning to ride a bicycle. A child usually stars with a tricycle. It is made so safe that he cannot fall. Next he may start to use a bicycle with very wheels. This gives him some measure of protection. Finally he will have the dence to cycle away on only two wheels. Similarly, a teacher following c god writing programme does not allow the students to write whatever they w ght away. This would not only be daunting, but would lead to an excessive discouraging number of errors, with the consequent build-up of had istics habits. The proficient teacher of writing leads his students through stages, namely controlled writing guided writing and free wring

Controlled Writing

Colled writing exercises aim to make it difficult for the students to mak

Makes Examples of such exercises would be substitution table and copyin

Cises. To return to our cycling analogy, such exercises are similar to learnin use the pedals, handlebars and brakes, without at the same time heaving about maintaining balance.

 Guided Writing

The guided writing stage requires a great deal of attention from the teacher.

Level, most of the written work should be guided; the students are not


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While this would serve as a worthy setting for a story, it would need a plot before it could be called a narrative.


The writing process refers to the complex relationship between presence of language in the head and its conversion by hand and pen into legible text. It involves both mechanical and mental process. Learners are first taught orthography through which they learn how to form individual letters in correct shapes. At secondary level, communication writing is taught. It means to teach them the construction of grammatically correct sentences which clear meaning to readers.

The effective writing process is carried out at through a controlled, guided and free writing. At controlled writing stage, both the contents and language are provided by the teacher so that the students can make fewest mistakes. At guided writing stage, the teacher provides the situation and helps the students to prepare their written work. At last stage, students are taught free writing where only title is provided to them. The students do the writing themselves.

The five-step writing process consists of: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing


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