You are currently viewing Importance of language subject in school 2022 ?
Importance of language subject in school 2022 ?

Importance of language subject in school 2022 ?


Importance of language subject in school 2022 ?

Human being can communicate with each other probably with mother tongue. Able to exchange knowledge, believe opinion, wishes,threat,thanks
Language is a system of communication based upon words and the combination of words into role of mother tongue is very important to understand and learn from ECE to secondary education. It is early period of children they don’t know about any language. language is a fundamental human faculty used for expression.

Use of mother language?

In principal there should be no use of mother language. And it is true a child learning its mother language just imitate its parents and other relatives and catches the language symbols, used for certain article. But it is also true, that the children attain the basic concept after three or four years, and in classroom situations where we have a very limited time for teaching a foreign language, it is not possible for us to spend such a lot of time for this purpose.Also , the foreign language is taught during one or two periods , the rest of the time, in school and at home, the students speak native language , which always, as it is proved, interrupt with the foreign language.

The needs of students at the secondary level?

Therefore for the purpose of rapid and meaningful language learning, the introduction of new words is made in native language.
The teach towards a table will say “ a table “ and only for the first time , he will translate this phrase in the native language . This translation will remove all ambiguity from the minds of the students . But in direct method the use of native language should be very limited . When a concept has become clear , and the students are able to use it in different forms , the use of native language should be stopped . In any opinion , the native language may be used only when introducing a new concept or a new structure . The minimum use of the native language can better ensure the grasp of foreign language .

Double Articulation Languages consist of tens of thousands of signs , which are combinations of form and meaning . Form in spoken languages is a sequence of sounds , in written languages for example a sequence of letters ( depending upon what kind of writing LAMABAD system we are talking about ) and in the sign languages of the deaf a certain combination of gestures . Here , we shall concentrate on spoken languages , and one example a sign is the English word Chair . Speakers of English associate a certain meaning with this form : ‘ a separate seat for one person , typically with a back and four legs ‘ . The form and the meaning together constitute a sign . Languages incorporate numerous signs , and the term double articulation refers to the fact that the formal sides of these sign are built from a relatively small stock that are usually between 10 and 100 of meaningless sounds .

Features of human language?

Language is human so it differs from animal communication in several ways . Language can have scores of characteristics but the following are the most important ones : language is arbitrary , productive , creative , systematic , vocalic , social , non – instinctive and conventional . These characteristics of language set human language apart from animal communication . Some of these features may be part of animal communication ; yet they do not form part of it in total .

The Origin of Human Language Biologists refer to the modern human as homo sapiens , Latin for ‘ wise man ‘ , but the possession of language is such an important part of the definition of the modern human that homo loquens ‘ talking man ‘ would be an equally appropriate name . Concerning the origin of the first language , there are two main hypotheses , or beliefs . Neither can be proven or disproved given present knowledge .Language is Divine Creation The first hypothesis acknowledges the role of divine influence upon human beings in creation of language .

Many societies throughout history believed that language is the gift of the gods to humans . The most familiar is found in Genesis 2:20 , which tells us that Adam gave names to all living creatures . Holy Quran also states that “ And He taught Adam all the names “ Al – Baqra . This belief predicates that humans were created from the start with an innate capacity to use language . It cannot be proven that language is as old as humans , but it is definitely true that language and human society are inseparable . Wherever humans exist language exists as it is the creation of human communication , interaction and correspondence regarding day to day matters among individuals and different communities.

Why English language is prefer in Pakistan?

Importance of language subject in school 2022 ?

Importance of language subject in school 2022 ? in Pakistan English is an important language in Pakistani context . It has great significance in all fields of life in Pakistan . English in our country enjoys the high valued status in official correspondence , medium of instruction in academia , communication in business and commerce industry . 1.8.1 Colonial Background British rulers ruled the Indo – Pak Sub – continent for almost 2 centuries . English administrators replaced English as a language of official matters from Persian language used by the natives .

In doing so English language attained the higher status as compared to the other languages . The elites and the educated people accepted English as a standard language and began using it in all affairs . Pakistan attained most of the legacy from the British people at the time of her creation , therefore , English was accepted and used as language of important matters .


Mother language is very important to read and write from primary to higher education to better understand of everyone subject. we know that English is international language but it’s role only for understand as foreign language. Japan, Chinese , Russian and other countries are well develop countries but in their schools and universities applying to read and write their native language according students physiology.

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