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Math Lesson Plan | Template & Example

Topic : Terminating and non-terminating decimals

General Objectives :

At the end of this lesson students will be able to:

  1. know what is decimal?
  2. understand difference between decimal and non-decimal number.
  3. use of decimal number in daily life

Specific objectives

At the end of this lesson students will be able to:

  1. .define terminating and non-terminating decimals
  2. .solve terminating and non-terminating decimals exercise
  3. .know Pie is a non-terminating decimals
  4. .convert rational numbers into terminating and non-terminating

A.V aids:

Text book, black board, chalk, duster, charts, flash cards

Teaching method:

Lecture cum-inductive / deductive method

Previous knowledge :

In order to check previous knowledge of students, teacher will ask questions such as..

1.what are the natural numbers?

2.tell me those numbers which we use everyday.

3.write the natural numbers from beginning till 100

4.define decimal numbers

Announcing the topic:

:Dear students Today we are going to learn about “ terminating and non-terminating decimals”


teacher Will define terminating and non-terminating decimals and solve some examples on it

Terminating decimals. decimal which contains finite number of digits after decimal point, is called a terminating decimal.

Hence 0.5, 0.25, 0.75, 0.345, 1.7227, 5.023748 etc are all terminating decimals.

Non-Terminating Decimals: Non-terminating decimals are the ones which keep on continuing after decimal point.

Hence 0.777… 0.1666… 0.909090…. 0. 285714285714 …

Exercises and conversion

Let us consider the conversion of some rational numbers

(i) ¼=1÷4=0.

(ii) 1/5=1÷5=0.2

(iii) ½=1÷2=0.5

(iv) 3/8=3÷8=0.375

Pie is also a non-terminating numbers Value of pie is 22/7=22÷7=3.142857……… Summative evaluation: write definition of Terminating and non-terminating decimals in your note book with examples Homework: solve following exercise at your home

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