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Nature lover who believe in truth

Nature lover who believe in truth:-

Nature lover who believe in truth

If it’s too hot …  The sun is shining.  If the power is off, then this is not a punishment of God.  It is straightforward that we are incompetent, useless, useless, irrational, haraam eater, work thief, dishonest and bad character people.

 If the weather in Europe is beautiful, there is no electricity crisis like ours, then there is no grace of God on them. It is a simple matter.

 If anyone thinks that this torment is a test of God on us, then keep rotting and be thankful …

 And if it is a great idea that the comforts in their life mean relaxation for the disbelievers of Allah …  So get the fights …  Things are going according to your wishes …

 Just remember one thing …  As long as you keep looking at the affairs of life from this point of view, you will continue to be humiliated in the same way 

Ghulam Mustafa

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