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Physics Lesson Plan

Topic : Force

General Objectives :

At the end of this lesson students will be able to: know how a light object is easy to push than heavy object. know which thing pull back any object when we throw it up? understand how a light object can go faster than massive object.

Specific objectives:

At the end of this lesson students will be able to:

1.Define what is force.

2.Know effect of force

3.know types of force

4.know equation of force

5.Know unit of force

Science lesson plan Template

A.V aids :

Text book, black board, chalk, duster, charts, flash card

Teaching method:

Lecture cum-inductive / deductive method

Previous knowledge :

In order to check previous knowledge of students, teacher will ask questions such as,

1.when you roll a ball on ground why do it stop after traveling some distance.

2.When you play tug of war who wins and why?

Announcing the topic :

Dear students, Today we are going to learn about “force”


teacher Will define force: The push or pull on an object with mass that causes it to change its velocity. ∆ force is an external agent capable of changing the state of rest or motion of a particular body. Unit of force: The Force can be measured using a spring balance. The SI unit of force is Newton “N”. Equation of force: Equation for Force The quantity of force is expressed by the vector product of mass m and acceleration a. The equation or the formula for force can mathematically be expressed in the form of: F = ma Where, M = mass A = acceleration Effect of force .

The Force has different effects and here are some of them. Can make a body that is at rest to move. It can stop a moving body or slow it down. It can accelerate the speed of a moving body. It can also change the direction of a moving body along with its shape and size. Types of force Force is a physical cause that can change the state of motion or the dimensions of an object. There are two types of forces based on their applications: Contact Force Non-Contact Force

Summative evaluation:

Tell me name of contact force Tell me name of non-contact force Homework: Write definition of force Write unit of force Write effect of force

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