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Student Perception for importance of English language


Student Perception for importance of English language

Learning another language also provides many other benefits including greater academic achievement, greater cognitive development and more positive attitudes towards other language and culture. The importance of English can be gauged from the fact that now days English is given more prominence everywhere, English speakers are considered to be more literate and intelligent.

Now days, Even a good job English has become mandatory. English plays an essential role in our lives as it helps in communication. It is the main language for studying any subject all over the world. English is also important for students as it broadens their minds, develops emotional skills, improve the quality of life by providing job opportunities. More and more people are dedicating time to studying English as a second language because they know that English is most important for their luxuries and happiest life.

Student Perception for importance of English language


Before independence when British ruled on South Asia, they consider Muslims as a slave because the Muslim were illiterate they didn’t knew the language of British. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was one of the greatest leader estimated that Muslims desperately need English education to move forward. He wanted to develop such a Muslim society whose citizen should be full of knowledge and full of characters so he said that every Muslim of South Asia should have in his right hand the education of Holy Quran and his left hand education of Modern science.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan built the Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College in 1875 at Aligarh. This college got character of Aligarh University under the Government of India Act 1920.Sir Syed knew that if Muslim were to prosper and avoid slavery, they would have to learn English. Now Pakistani also knows the importance of English language because they know that if they want to join developed countries, they have to study English.


  • Determining the people perception about English language.
  • After reading this research people will be understand the importance of English language more clearly.
  • Q No.1# Why English is important in Modern Era?
  • Q No.2# Why English consider as a Global Language?
  • Q No.3# What Students Perception for the Importance of English?

RESEARCH REVIEW:- After reading some Scholar Articles and after taking some Interviews, I estimated that English Language is most important in Modern Era, because English is a Language which is spoken all over the world especially in Asia. English is mostly used as official language; it is now the initial part of our social and academic life.  English is perceived as a passport to better employment and upward social inability in Pakistan. English plays a prominent role in Pakistan as a Lingua Franca a common means of communication besides Urdu and a host of regional Language and numerous dialects as a Global Language, and an easy medium for science and technology.

In the 21st century, the entire world has become narrow, accessible, sharable and familiar for all the people living on this Earth as English is used as a common language even though there are some variation in habits, cultures, traditions, religions and idiosyncratic aspects. English has been accepted as the Global language among the speakers of thousands of different languages. English plays a dominant role in almost all the field in the present globalized world.

In order to maintain international relationship in science, technology, business, education, travel, tourism and so on, English serves the purpose as a common language and a Global language. English is important for us because it is the most common language all around the world. Having a good command on English helps people to have plenty of opportunities. Knowing English increases the chance of getting a good job in a Multinational Company within our home country or for finding work in Abroad. English is important for Socializing and Entertainment as well as work.


1. Students Personal Information

The research participants were selected from students 40 second-semester students which consist of 21 females and 19 males. Half of them are nineteen years old, 12 students are twenty and 8 of them are twenty-one years old. Students were asked about their objective in learning English. Students who learn English for Studying requirement are 24 students (60%), for working are 10 students (25%), and 6 students (15%) learn  English to communicate with others. ICT students are taught by Indonesian Lecturer and Foreign Lecturer, then the language instruction which used by the Foreign lecturer in English and mostly the handbook of each subject use English. This could be the reason they rate this choice as such. Majority of students learn English started from elementary school (82%), and rest of them learn English when they were in junior high school (18%).


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