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The needs of students at the secondary level?


The needs of students at the secondary level…

The needs of students at the secondary level? is aim of future planning of students. In the the point of view of psychology secondary level plays a very important role. Education takes into account the child’s development according to age. There are two types of student needs. Common needs, miscellaneous needs

1.Common Needs of students?

The needs that are found regardless of color, race, religion, gender, environment and region are up described as follows.
Mental needs, spiritual needs, physical needs and social needs.
With all these requirements, a student can achieve go forward for meaningful goals .

What are common needs definition it is another topic how can achieve our main goal let’s expect or finding?

Needs of modern science and technology?

In present time The basic laws of science to every man, tryqun, and need to know the facts,It is important to know about electrical and electrical appliances used in the home.Cloud Lightning, Rain, Floods, Earthquakes, Storms, knowledge is necessary for all secondary students.All invention of modern and past scientist deliver to students,in such a way students encouraged to seek and learn with keen intrest

What is meant by education? How can children be better educated?

Practical work and free time activities

The needs of students at the secondary level?

Practical work is back bone for all students nursery to secondary and higher secondary.So it is responsibility of institutes provide practical accessories it is major role play best way to deliver lesson plans for a teacher it can art craft or science . Theory only clear concept which is access extra ordinary students but practical work deeply effect and easy way to understand according to syllabus.curriculum design as better through expert inteacher not too board members
A teacher know needs of students.It is necessary .
In addition, those students should be aware of the comic literature and fine arts. Tehseen Jamali is a human intervention. There should be appropriate content in the curriculum for the positive development of this aspect of children. Qarg is an appropriate time for the high efficient and flexible use of the students. As a result of which students need, she was able to make the most of your leisure time. It may be that.

Appropriate and effective use of leisure Time for students

Time reading the time the uses has been a problem for students. As a result of which students need to be able to correct the Treats themselves using their spare time. Be included in the curriculum content for the students to learn.

1. Which would be more time to study.

2. How should the quality and variety of more study. The game is suitable for students
Who may and who may not better for them.

3. What is important to know basic things for the adoption of gardening hobby.

4. How are fisheries. So many sports activities like cricket, football, Hockey, also indoor games like table tennis, squash, may impact a broad role in phycology mental health and physical health.

future of education in rural areas it can be offensive.

Miscellaneous needs

Common needs are important but miscellaneous needs are also absolutely needs some point highlights as under
Gender equality
The physical structure of the girls and boys are quite different from each other social roles and responsibilities. It is also different nature of their educational needs. For example, students are more potent against girls in physical strength. So while they may be physically heavy work, girls are vulnerable because they are fundamental and hard work. It is proper way of solution in some countries equal rights whether some countries struggling same path method for girls and boys.

Students learning the secondary level of education.?

In the survey of the educational needs of students in their locality and compare Gadget described in the unit body needs. The needs of students learning the secondary level of education destination was reached that is the destination for the students to be the door to the future of the students has to choose a path for their future and then choose the same way is this the future depends. This is the most important destination in yalmy. Ancient and very loud optical and theoretical knowledge in the traditional curriculum. Lack of knowledge and practical utility. I found the situation was more or less in all countries of the world until the nineteenth century, even the United States, Germany and England left its mark not as developed countries. And nations must.

Basic needs and utilization of students thought?

Advantage through students needs?
In Pakistan, upper secondary education is also known as higher secondary education or intermediate education. Students complete upper secondary education by taking exams for a Higher Secondary School Certificate. This diploma can also be called Intermediate School Certificate. Duration 2 years grade 11 and grade 12.
Teachers willing to study the role that observed trends of these students .The teacher d ykhta that a substance so pay attention to the children, so they can do their work What is the ambition to get the best result. An exciting and active child keeps constantly trying to solve problems. Even so, they do not have to be learned. There are many ways to meet the students’ motives. Three students who wish that others like them. They can take different paths for this purpose. First educational work in the school tries to be. The statue is to be a quip of his own party. And tries to take the lead in the third leadership qualities .There are other motives for those who desire, which drew students from any activity. There are many ways to meet the students’ motives. Three students Gadget others like them are wanted. They can take different paths for this purpose. First educational work in the school tries to be. The sculpture is seeking a lively party. And tries to take the lead in the third leadership qualities. There are other drivers who love, are attracted by the activity tracking .

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