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What is Global Warming

Counter measures to address global malaise the global warming ?

Global Warming , current situation of climate change highly affected countries.

Global warming increasing temperature on earth whole world overwhelmed which caused by natural but major role of human activities .The world need to take serious measures in order to counter it destructive impact so that planet would become a safer place for live.

Threats associated with global warming?

Environment threats.

Melting of polar ice, ice sheets . existential threat to costal area owing to rise sea level.
Ozone layer depletion due to warming temperature.

Climate change and our preparations

Economic threat..

Serious threat to agriculture . dissipation due to natural climate, moonsoon flooding in 2011
And 2021.Hiati earthquake 2010 and cyclone Nagris in Myanmar in 2008.Cyclone in Province Sindh Pakistan 1999 killed over 6000people
Balakot earthquake in 2005 Destroy the whole city. Arabic Sea level increasing day by day in lower belt which is effecting agricultural land and people Lives.

Social threat..

Wide range of communities spread migration due to harsh climate change. Danger to human health due to increase in temperature.

Factors which causes of global warming.

1 . Burning of fossil fuels
2.Rapid industrial revolution due to economic competition.
3.pesitcide uses for agriculture and Inorganic material.
4.Removal of forest cover on large scale.

Climate change earth is our love

Counter measures to address to malaise of global warming.?

Effective execution of existing environment . Implementation of sustainable development goals at the grassroots ,shifting towards the use of renewable energy sources. Enhancing forest cover on large ,raising awareness about the impact of global warming. Use of other global warming controlling strategies. global warming alters climate pattern which ultimately effect the agriculture, agriculture is 21 percent GDP of Pakistan.

However due to climate change some area of world experience excessive within short period rainfall
While some area face severe draught. this imbalance cause huge damage to the vegetation. Further more under the umbrella of global warming harsh climate conditions induce disaster like flood , earthquake, rainstorm ,heat waves and volcanic . these extreme weather events cause a great damage to infrastructure which cause a huge socio economic loss.

Moreover climate change is inducing natural disasters owing to global warming. Those natural disasters are affecting the natural resources and agriculture as well as leading acute shortage of water some parts the world virtually inhabitable. In this way people are likely to more towards to safe heaven. According (UNHCR) that in 2021 that an average of 21.5 million people were forcibly displaced each year by weather. In short people are experiencing consilience of global warming particularly costal belt witness a large scale human similarly temperature is the main indicator of global warming, which is effecting the human health arise in temperature contribute to higher level of pollen and allergen in the atmosphere which cause respiratory disease. Higher temperature bring prolonged summer season along with rain ,rainy season breading mosquito , Mosquito spread disease malaria, dengue, Besides ozone layer depletion is contributing to higher rate of skin cancer As a result health factor is vulnerable to global warming.

Cause which contribute to the global warming?

The world has strong relieved on the burning of fossil fuels refer to burning of oil, natural gas coal which result releasing greenhouse gases into atmosphere. The greenhouse gases into the atmosphere lead to global warming by increasing temperature. China generate electricity a major part through fossil fuels and Japan lowest depend on fossil fuels .expansion of industrialization another underlying cause of global warming. Global industrial emissions have increased by an average of 2.3percent with every passing Year. Similarity deforestation more or less of every part of the world.

Global warming in Subcontinent?

Recent report of Sindh province.
Currently, our part of the world (Pakistan – Indian subcontinent to Central Asia) is under the grip of the heat wave. The recent fire events reported in different villages of Sindh are in part helped by the heat wave where the average temperate of Sindh during April is more than 6-8 degrees Centigrade on average. These are the early signs of climate change and challenging times ahead. Policymakers, scientists, and civil society have to play a greater role to comprehend and mitigate the looming threat to life and livelihood.

Future of earth.
Much is already known and lot remains to be known in science. But whatever is know majority of it is buried into books, research articles, thesis’s and in other formats that is not being applied in regions like ours due to low literacy, inaccessibility, non-familiarity, resistance to adapt, trust on science as proponent of best practices etc. On the contrary, the developed countries are taking fair amount of benefit from the scientific methods and knowledge in every sphere of their lives. We the scientist of this region don’t have to reinvent the wheel but at-least have to bring known scientific knowledge and procedures into format that are understandable, practical and beneficial for the masses (community). Though the scope of work is broad and unlimited but at-least we may discuss and possibly figure out our bit of work to sensitize the community to prepare and mitigate the natural hazards caused by climate change and other earth processes. Ozone layer over the Antarctic has reached its maximum size. increasing forest and reducing fossil fuels, human population control may save our Earth.

Warning ? Heat waves

heat waves

Extreme and prolonged heat in Pakistan has helped trigger a Glacial Lake Outburst Flood with catastrophic consequences.
Sadly, there could be more to come. Temperatures will inevitably surpass the 50°C mark in the coming days as the heat intensifies in Southern Asia.
So precautions is better than cure let’s do our responsibility to save earth for us and for coming generation. Future is in our hands think and do better.

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