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What is meant by education? How can children be better educated?

What is Education

Education refers to any process that can bring about positive changes in the personality of an individual, and provide better guidance to our future generations in any field. Education is acquired in two ways.

  • Formal education
  • Non-formal education

Formal Education

Formal education through schools, colleges, universities and various institutions.

A child who possesses his own psyche, every child goes beyond his / her own ability through his / her genes and environment. When a child enters school he has to go through different grades. Now from the first stage to the last he needs a parent and a training teacher. Now different methods are used in different countries For Mental growth

Non-formal education

Informal education actually gives us a better environment than schools, colleges like farming, technicians, and many other institutions are working on it.

Education system in sindh

In the twenty-first century, quality education can provide a quality teacher. The teacher should be the center of attention in which he can make better use of information technology on dialogue, participation, use, integrated creation, documentation, social media, website. Today, if the education system in the world is the best in the world, then the reason is Finland, according to the above information, or even a small country like Vietnam is spending more budget for the promotion of education. For better education, students should be an equal part of the teacher and student guardian so that we can educate and improve and then the society can benefit the country by imparting training skills.

Student Center Method

1) Student-centered approach. In this way the student or child understands more. In terms of his / her psychology, a child can improve his / her ability without any pressure. He / she can consult his / her teacher for guidance. To do this is to do it. Now comes the mental activities on psychology.

The role of students is fundamental to the study of mental activity because the work of the students reflects the role in any field of life, for example a child looks at machines from a very early age and looks at his work. Thinks and tries to fix the machines in the house when the time comes, because of which the machine is right. The machine is fine. The role is tested to test them. Now the results can be reflected in this practical work and paper work to test the child or students. In this way the problems of children in educational institutions can be solved easily. Can be found. Some students may be able to perform their skills better in sports then a training teacher should guide according to the child’s psychology

Teacher Center Method

Teacher-centered method. This method is no longer used in developing countries or developed countries. In this method, the teacher who is teaching the subjects is getting access to the minds of the students or not. So, like the water passing through the head, this method is used to test the achievements and then the results are taken from narrative or paper pins. It is also eaten by intellectual property theory and sensualism. Students with exceptional intelligence are able to move forward. Education and development are closely intertwined. The purpose of education is not to impart a little information to students or impose it on their minds but the purpose of education is to make children important to society. To become a member so that they can play a full part in the development of the society.

Good teacher – exemplary personality such as morals and character, self-confidence, positive thinking, academic excellence, subject matter expertise, duty recognition, uniformity of words and deeds.

Respect for students in a good teacher. Creating passion in students in acquiring knowledge.

How to teach children …

To teach children, they need to look at their age, class and mental level. For example, if a child is starting in nursery, he should consider pronunciation or phonics. The following techniques should be considered.

  1. A combination of words. Mixing one or two letters and pronouncing the word according to their minds. For example, a word pomegranate. Keeping in mind.
  2. Decoding the word. 2. It involves breaking down the word that has been read to the children and then teaching it together.
  3. Similar words Analogy phonics If the child has already read the word apple, pomegranate then similar words should be taught to the child.

How to get your child interested in education …

This is the scenario. You have assessed your students’ reading habits and identified one or more children who are not comfortable phonemes. If not, guide them according to their psychology. Then improve your class management. Try to create an environment. These methods will be effective for nursery children

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